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Hello Mabel Hoggard Magnet families.  My name is Stacey Scott-Cherry, and I am in the 10th year of proudly serving as the principal of our amazing school.  I recognize that as a Magnet school, we are considered a “choice” school for student enrollment.  Please let me express my sincere joy and gratitude that you all allowed us the honor of choosing Hoggard as your choice for your child’s education.


I have high expectations for every Hoggard student.  I expect our students to grow, develop and excel from their first day at Hoggard until their very last day at Hoggard.  Our staff members strive to equip students with the tools they will need to be independent critical thinkers and the academic and personal skills they will need to be productive citizens in middle school and beyond.


So how do we do that?  What makes Hoggard ES different and unique? 


Let’s start with our dedication to our school. Just like most of you, our staff members travel past many other schools to work with your children at Hoggard.  They have a “choice” of different schools to serve, but they choose to serve the deserving students at Hoggard.  Some of our dedicated staff members have served Hoggard students for over 20 years. Some of our teachers have taught the parents of some of our current students attending Hoggard today.  They leave behind quite a legacy and this demonstrates that we have strong ties to our community.


In addition, I’d like to discuss our academic excellence.  Every year our school has been recognized by the National Magnet Schools of America as either a School of Excellence or a School of Distinction. This year, we also received a 5 year recertification from Magnet Schools of America for our unique magnet school programs. As well as the awards our school has earned, the academic excellence we provide students can be seen in our program offerings and through our highly skilled teachers.  We boast in being staffed with six Learning Strategists who all work directly with students every day.  We are able to provide identified students with classes in Advanced Math and all students with opportunities for mathematical enrichment through our math labs.  We have two science strategists who work together to provide hands-on experiences in our animal lab and in our garden.  Our students learn about harvesting eggs from our chickens and food from our garden.  Our students who excel in the area of reading are challenged and our students who struggle in reading are supported through the programs we offer.  


Lastly, we strive to provide unique experiences to our students that enable them to be well-rounded, kind, and thoughtful students.  We accomplish this by offering math labs for all grade levels, third grade piano labs, fourth grade guitar labs, Choir, Drumming Ensemble, Instrument Ensemble, Dance Ensemble, Lego club, First Lego League Robotics, Flag Football, Zookeepers Club, the Explore Museum,  and a variety of experiential field trips, including our fifth grade overnight Environmental Leadership Camp. 

By learning how to work together through all of these experiences our students also learn about sharing, cooperation, and communication.  These experiences develop their skills in leadership and also build their capacity toward empathy for others.


As the principal, I have a deep love for our school, and as a member of the Hoggard community as a parent, student or friend, I hope you also share in my strong feelings for our school.  Thank you again for giving me, and everyone at Hoggard, the opportunity to serve you.  

Principal's Message

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