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Click on the video to see how to access CCSD Clever using an app.

This section of the school website will keep families up to date on information and resources regarding the Emergency School Closure. General announcements will be followed with links of communication letters and online assistance. For all of the most current information, please monitor


All Clark County school locations are closed.  Administrators and staff are available through email. In alignment with the Governor’s mandatory shut down, CCSD schools and buildings remain closed for the remainder of the 2019 - 2020 school year. ​

CCSD COVID-19 Response Updates can be found at

CCSD food distribution.       CCSD printable packets.       CCSD student learning.           Counselor's Corner.        

Happenings while not at Hoggard newsletter - 4th edition.     Happenings while not at Hoggard newsletter - 3rd edition.   


Happenings while not at Hoggard newsletter - 2nd edition.     Happenings while not at Hoggard newsletter - 1st edition.


Online resources from Hoggard staff.      Virtual Field Trips             

Google Passwords: If students need to reset Google passwords, visit  


CCSD has a FAQ for the Covid-19 school closures. This is a fluide document that changes frequently.


CCSD Learning Line - Telephone Help for Students In an effort to provide assistance for students and families, CCSD has created the Learning Line, a service where CCSD personnel can provide support for all students via telephone to maximize their learning through distance education. Students and families can access the Learning Line by calling 702-799-6644. Educators will be available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. to assist students in both English and Spanish during scheduled school days.

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